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Procurement Services

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

Green Procurement, also known as environmentally preferable purchasing (EPP), is an effort to purchase products and services that have a reduced negative impact or increased positive impact on the environment and human health compared to traditional products. Green products or services may be recycled, consume fewer natural resources, last longer or include or produce less toxic substances or solid waste. Considerations for green procurement may also include the environmental cost of raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, transporting, distribution, storing, handling, using, maintaining and disposing of the product. Pollution prevention is at the core of green procurement, which strives to reduce or eliminate the use and generation of toxic substances, pollution or waste.
Bullet Image Green Procurement
Executive Order No. 4 - Established April 25, 2008
Establishing a State Green Procurement and Agency Sustainability Program.
State Education Law 409-1 and State Finance Law 163-b - May 20, 2005
Directing All Public And Nonpublic Elementary And Secondary Schools In New York State To Use Environmentally Sensitive Cleaning And Maintenance Products.
Executive Order No. 134 - Issued January 5, 2005
Directing State Agencies To Use Environmentally Preferred Cleaning Products.

OGS Environmental Services Unit https://greencleaning.ny.gov/Entry.asp

Although EO 134 has not been continued, OGS was advised that the intent was to continue it. In the interim, OGS continues to provide support to schools in complying with New York State Green Cleaning Law and to State agencies in complying with EO4, which promotes policies within state agencies and authorities that reduce the potential impacts on public health and the environment and reduce the consumption of materials and energy.

EO 4 requires every state agency and authority to develop and implement a Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship Program, which must include projects, programs and policies designed to reduce the public health and environmental impacts of their operations, such as reduction or elimination of the use and generation of toxic substances, pollution and waste. OGS considers the continuation and enhancement of agency green cleaning programs to be part and parcel of compliance with EO 4. For these reasons, it is the opinion of OGS that agencies and authorities must utilize green cleaning practices in complying with EO 4, and that the text of EO 134 is still instructive in doing so.

Bullet Image Energy Efficient Purchasing
Executive Order No. 111 - Enacted June 10, 2001
Directing State Agencies To Be More Energy Efficient And Environmentally Aware; "Green and Clean State Buildings and Vehicles"
Executive Order No. 142 - Enacted November 21, 2005
Directing State Agencies And Authorities To Diversify Transportation Fuel And Heating Oil Supplies Through The Use Of Bio-Fuels In State Vehicles and Buildings

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