e-Learning/Distance Learning Training Services
Contract Period:  March 03, 2004 - March 02, 2014
Group:  73016   Award:  18601
Contract Type:  Multi-vendor
Use of Contracts:   Statewide, all state agencies, political subdivisions, local governments and other authorized users.
Designated Contacts: Nancy Bik
Contract Management Specialist I
(518) 486-9382
Jamie Nusbaum
Team Leader
(518) 474-5340
Fax:  (518) 486-6867

This is a statewide, multiple award, continuous recruitment contract for e-Learning Training/Distance Learning Services: web-based training (WBT), interactive web-based training (IWBT), computer-based training (CBT), video based training (VBT), and other related incidental services. These are also referred to as: Virtual, Online, & Internet-based Learning. e-Learning/Distance Learning Training Services include, but are not limited to, providing the following: course content (off-the-shelf, reference, custom/modified, etc.), content delivery (web hosting, etc.), Learning Management/Student Management System-type functions (competency/assessment tools, and basic reporting, tracking, and administration, etc.), and related incidental services (consulting, maintenance, additional training, etc.). This contract does not include traditional Instructor-led/Live classroom training. Educational course content/libraries & related services for K-12 schools & colleges/universities are now available to be included in this contract.

The NYS Procurement Lobbying Law imposes certain restrictions on communications between OGS and an Offerer/Bidder during the procurement process. For Continuous Recruitment contracts, the "Restricted Period" begins upon the receipt date of the procurement document by OGS PSG & ends upon the contract approval date by OSC. Details of the Procurement
Lobbying Law are available within the Contract Document link below.

Due to the Procurement Transformation Initiative currently underway in New York State, we are not accepting proposals for e-Learning at this time. Continuous Recruitment will appear on the OGS Bid Calendar page at http://www.ogs.ny.gov/Purchase/BidCalendarLV.asp when we resume accepting proposals.
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