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How to Become Qualified for Emergency Contracting Opportunities

The Office of General Services Design & Construction (D&C) Group awards approximately 325 emergency contracts annually. Bids for emergency contracts may be taken over the phone and require an immediate response and performance of the work. Emergency contracts are of short duration and are usually awarded on a cost plus basis, typically for $300,000 or less. In extraordinary circumstances, contracts shall not exceed $600,000.

The Public Buildings Law requires D&C to establish and maintain a list of contractors who are interested in bidding on emergency work. The list is organized by trade interest and geographical area. Contractors who are interested in being placed on the list must satisfy the conditions specified in the Emergency Contract Bidders List Requirements document, as well as complete the forms listed below. Before granting final approval for the Emergency Contract Bidders List, the state will review and verify all information provided by the contractor. This review will include an assessment of the firm's work experience and vendor responsibility.

Bids for emergency projects will be solicited on a rotational basis. When an emergency occurs, bids are solicited by phone and require an immediate response. The selected contractor must be able to commence work within four (4) hours of the "Notice to Proceed."

It is the policy of the state and the Office of General Services to encourage Minority and Women's Business Enterprise (MWBE) participation in the Emergency Program.

If you would like to be added to our list, you will be required to submit the following items:

  1. BDC 321 - Emergency Contractor Information Form (ECIF)
    1. BDC 321.1 - ECIF Potential MWBE Subcontractors Form

  2. CCA-2 - NYS Vendor Responsibility Questionaire For-Profit Construction
    1. The CCA-2 Questionnaire should be completed and certified electronically via the NYS Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) website.
    2. Submit to OGS a copy of the printout of the certification page from OSC Online Services (shows company name, certifier name and title, and date of certification).

  3. Insurance certificates - If these are not already on file with D&C, send insurance certificates showing proof of current Workers' Compensation and statutory NYS Disability Benefits coverage. These may be obtained from your insurance agent or carrier.

A scanned copy of your submission package (including items 1, 2b, and 3 above) should be emailed to Additionally, a signed and notarized original of the BDC321 should be mailed separately to the following address:

      Office of General Services
      Design & Construction Group
      Division of Contract Management - Contract Awards
      35th Floor, Corning Tower, GNARESP
      Albany, New York 12242