Federal Surplus Property

About Federal Surplus Property

What is Federal Surplus Property?
Space Federal Surplus Property is federally purchased property, other than real estate, which is no longer useful to any federal agency. This property is declared surplus and is available for donation to eligible organizations. A service charge is applied to each item of property provided to a donee.
Bullet Image The Federal Property and Service Administration Act of 1949, authorized the donation of Federal surplus personal property.
Bullet Image The distribution of surplus property within New York State is administered by the OGS Bureau of Federal Property Assistance.
Who is eligible to Participate?
Bullet Image Government entity or public agency established pursuant to State Law;
Bullet Image Indian Tribes;
Bullet Image Non-profit tax exempt health or educational organizations including; hospitals, clinics, schools, public or non-profit agencies funded under the Older Americans Act of 1965, under Title IV or Title XX of the Social Security Act or under the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964.
Bullet Image Educational radio and television stations, museum, and public libraries chartered, licensed, approved and/or accredited by the State or other appropriate authority; PROVIDED THAT:
Bullet Image The entity has tax-exempt status under Section 501 of the Federal Internal Revenue Code of 1954 and;
Bullet Image The program serves and benefits a substantive segment of the public.
What are the Benefits?
Bullet Image Reduction of program costs through the use of surplus property.
Bullet Image Property valued a more than $28,000,000 is distributed through this program annually.
What is Available?
Bullet Image OGS Federal Surplus Agents tour Federal sites and identify items available for acquisition that may be of use to registered donees. Items identified by OGS Federal Surplus Agents as potential candidates for donation are listed at this site.
Bullet Image If you are interested in obtaining a particular item please complete the on-line request form. View sample listing of items previously acquired.